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The combination of these gives us the real insights to truly create a great place

Site Analysis

Market Insights

Consumer Insights

We approach each engagement, in partnership with our clients, always starting with the customer.  We thoughtfully engage and listen, research, wonder, observe and discover.  We gain insights into who will live there and how they want to live. We interpret findings and discoveries in context of the property, the market and goals and objectives of our client.  We leave out what doesn’t fit. We apply relevant insights into viable action plans for client implementation.

The Customer Matters

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Site and area analysis – strengths, challenges, threats and opportunities - provides direction. 

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Market insights provide answers to better understand market demand and competitive factors. 

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Consumer research (qualitative and quantitative) provides insights to determine who will live here and why, and how they want to live. 



Applying a customer-first view of consumer intelligence, everything we do is about understanding and seeing the people in the numbers. Strategic Solutions Alliance helps our clients to truly know about the people -  who will live in their communities and homes, how they will live and why it matters. We start with the who, and then ask the why. 

Our Work Includes...

Actionable strategies based on integration of consumer and market research, including ethnography, consumer surveys, focus and discussion groups, competitive analysis, and review of market assessment data – all designed to help clients understand the why and give them the insights needed to create product, communities and programs that will be market leaders and let the people who live there live their best lives. The end result brings more dynamic and insightful findings for community and housing design – the changing and future of community and home – not necessarily from the viewpoint of how the developer or homebuilder might define these but from the customer’s vantagepoint with spaces and experiences for how they live and want to spend their time.

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